We’re changing the solar industry

Putting solar panels on your house can be a great way to save on your energy bill. Some homeowners even generate enough electricity to sell some of it back to the power company. However, you should know that the high cost of solar panels can cause problems if you’re trying to get a mortgage. We have a solution and can offer you a solar mortgage that actually makes sense.

Don’t make this common mistake

Many people who purchase solar panels do so with the help of a high interest loan, and others choose to lease their systems to save on the cost of installation. The main difference between these types of solar acquisitions is ownership. When you purchase solar panels, you have full ownership over the system, but when you lease solar panels or sign a power purchase agreement (PPA), a third party owns the solar equipment.

Both are viable options but have a pretty high cost. There is a new way to add solar to your home and not get burned by interest or ownership.